Christmas is here again, whoopee! Boy am I glad to see another festive holiday season. I’m sure you are too. Everything about the season is just spectacular- the weather, the decorations, the endless activities, the competitions, the massive food and the overall Christmassy feeling that lasts for weeks; just like my Burberry perfume. LOL, I’m just so excited!

As we all know, Christmas is a season where Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated every 25th of December. Celebrations begin even several weeks before the day. Christmas is so popular that Non-Christians around the world join in the frenzy. This is a period marked with giving, social gatherings, feasting and other exciting events. This is one of the holidays that creates huge business opportunities for entrepreneurs and smart investors since many people are busy buying gifts for loved ones and most especially food items to make the Christmas celebrations perfect and memorable.

Personally, I’d rather invest in a small business rather than watch all my account depleting as a result of endless spending. So here are some cool business ideas you could try this Christmas that won’t really stress you out.

Christmas Hamper: Already, I see these basket of goodies being displayed in shops and supermarkets too. The good thing about this business is that it is very easy to do. All you have to do is visit the local markets where they sell woven baskets and buy some, then you fill it up with all sorts of groceries that people love- assorted biscuits, chocolates, groundnut, wine etc, then wrap them up in beautiful Christmas-branded wrapping sheets. Depending on how creative you are with your treats, you could get a remarkable number of orders. You could advertise and sell them to your colleagues at work, church friends and other interested customers around you.

Chicken: Yes, what’s Christmas without Jollof rice and delicious well fried chicken? Growing up, I remember it was mostly during Christmas that we ate chicken properly. This is the peak period for poultry sellers and I tell you, you could make healthy profit from selling chickens this season. Not everyone can go to the rowdy market and bear the mess of slaughtering chickens and bringing them home. If you have the means, clear a spot in front your house and get a cage where you could display the chickens. You could also take nice pictures and advertise to your friends on social media.

Christmas Souvenirs: Like I said earlier, people are always overwhelmed by the spirit of CHRISTMAS- the whole Christmassy feeling. There’s the deco, hats, fireworks, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, gift wraps, etc. All these are cool items you can sell or invest in this period.

Clothing: This is the period where most clothing stores do clearance of their old stock. Thus there is a lot of discount or sales going on. Since we all love wearing “Christmas clothes”, this would be a good time to invest in clothes. You could take advantage of these sales and buy in large quantities and resell. Most of them come quite ridiculously cheap too. It’s worth looking into.

Transport: If you have a car, this is a good opportunity for you to make some money. Many people go about visiting friends, family and loved ones. There are also the endless trips to interesting places like beach, cinemas, amusement parks, malls etc which would require transportation. You should however do this with discretion and at your own risk.

So these are some of the cool ways to make some small change this season. Which ones do you find useful? Let’s know in the comment box.

Cover Image Source – pixabay

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