She calls herself a food architect and stylist. Going through her instagram page, I can’t help but agree. Chef Nengi is a highly creative food artist that makes you gawk at her lovely manipulations with food.

While chatting with her the other day, she talked about her work. In her own words, she believes  “the eyes should eat first before the mouth”.  Her passion for food could be felt when she disclosed that she enjoys cooking despite having another job. She hopes to have a place of her own someday; but for now, she cooks from home.

When asked about what inspires her, her response was,

“I just love food and I don’t like it to be served anyhow”.

Nengi asserts that she could cater for a large crowd while even doing all the maneuverings with food. She also says she didn’t go to any culinary school to learn her art. Impressive innit?

It seems I’m talking too much. Let’s see some of her beautiful art together, you know that’s the part I like best, *wink*:

  1. Okro and Fufu flag: In honour of Nigeria’s 57th Independence celebration. She even adds a real flag to it. What a good citizen of Nigeria. LOL.
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  3. Fufu monument: See how elegant these babies are. Standing in all their glory! Aren’t they too good to eat?
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  5. Jollof rice that looks like chicken: See the funny caption she gave this. 🙂
  6. I don’t even know what’s going on here. I’m wondering which is the main dish. Is it the plantain, cucumber or sausages? But it sure looks good.
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  8. Yam and Egg: Wow! This is so colourful and on point.
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  10. Love Eba: Which of the loves would you eat first and which colour? Decide.

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You can visit Nengi’s page on Instagram @nengi’skitchen for more exciting art. Let us know which one of these is your favourite in the comment box.


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