I remember feeling sad many years back when my birthday cake was about to be cut. I literally felt it was too good to eat because it was a Cinderella cake. Cinderella stood there with her beautiful blond hair and blue eyes imploring me to save her but I couldn’t. Part of me wanted to eat the cake and another wanted to have it. He he. Unfortunately, Cindy had to go. it was the sweetest cake ever and many people thought so too. Few days later, when the photographer brought the birthday pictures, I saw Cindy again and I was happy.

Food Artists thrill and tease our minds with their creativity and well, madness. Apart from the fact that we eat and drink food to survive, food is also used for aesthetic purposes to entertain, express or communicate an idea. I took a tour and found some really amazing food arts. Their works are a sight for sore eyes Enjoy!

Watermelon Peacock: Phew! This is one totally amazing, proud peacock flaunting what Mama gave her no doubt. LOL.

Lettuce Puppy: Awwn, this is just too cute, puppy looks sad though. “Hush, hush puppy, don’t cry! We aren’t gonna eat you okay”.

Avocado Carving: Wow! This is so amazingly fierce. Zuma isn’t smiling at all. Look at that enormous ball he’s about to shoot. It seems He’s not done with his revenge yet.

Water Melon Tiger: Now this is what I’d call a beautiful disaster. Look but don’t touch. He he!

Egg Chicks: Yay! So these chicks are about to hatch. Let’s not forget though. We mustn’t count them before they do hatch.

Pineapple Parrot: Hmmn, this is one cool, calm and collected parrot. Way to go birdie.

Banana Seal: Yeah! It’s nice meeting you too. Have fun at the beach and say hi to Mama for me. *winks*

Strawberry Rose: Oh my! My heart just melted seeing this and I think I’m in love; I could just look at this forever. Dear Reader, this one’s for you.


Cover Image Source – pixabay

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