Let me start by saying happy independence to our dear country Nigeria. I hope we all had a wonderful celebration. As for me, I did. So, Nigeria is 57 years yay! Mum and I were gisting about the country the other day when we found ourselves discussing food. She asked me how many types of Nigerian dishes I can prepare effortlessly and I boasted “a thousand”. She burst out in laughter at the exaggeration because we know better. I won’t bore you with the details. He he.

Like I would always say, one of the best things about Nigeria is our food. Over the years, the business of food has really evolved in Nigeria. Gone are those days when cooking was for a particular gender and your value was reduced to the number of dishes you know how to cook. Now, there are male and female chefs who have made cooking a job. One doesn’t need to stress one’s self anymore worrying about meals when we have chefs and caterers who are just a phone call away. These wonderful set of people keep making our mouths water with their recipes.

One of them is Joan Oloworaran, CEO of Sheldon Fingers. She is a Lagos based private chef who does indoor and outdoor catering. Chef Joan makes fresh Nigerian meals, snacks, soups, stews and more and delivers them right at your door step.

So today happens to be the 1st year anniversary that they began operations and I must say they have done a good job so far. We wish them more success in all their endeavors. These are some of their works and you can also visit their Instagram page @sheldonfingers_cs for more:

  1. Jollof Rice and Accompaniments: One word, Yum!
  2. Small chops: The life of a party, right?
  3. Soups: Hmmn, right now, I’m so licking my lips.
  4. Zobo Drink: They make zobo as well, nice.
  5. Chin chin: Don’t they just look delicious and crunchy too?

Happy anniversary to Sheldon Fingers once again and remember to call them for your next event. Cheers!!!

Cover Image Source – facebook

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