Yam pottage popularly known as Asaro is one of Nigeria’s tastiest dishes. I’m not surprised it’s found its way into the hall of fame of Nigeria’s must serve party foods. Asaro is a one-pot meal made with basic ingredients like yam, pepper, palm oil and salt. Some people add shredded spinach or pumpkin leaves to give it more colour.

When I was very little, my aunt told me the story of how the tortoise became bald because of this meal. Tortoise went to visit his friend the dog but didn’t meet him at home. He met his wife instead who had just finished preparing Asaro. Dog’s wife welcomed him and told tortoise to feel at home while she went to fetch her husband. Unfortunately she took too long and tortoise decided to help himself to the mouthwatering food. He had barely started eating when he heard Mr and Mrs Dogs’ footsteps. Not knowing what to do and afraid of being branded a thief, he decided to pour the steaming Asaro into his cap and wear it back on his head. All his hair got singed and it never grew back. LOL.

Asaro is perfect for your toddlers and elderly ones because it is soft and mushy hence easy to digest. Here’s how to make this delicious meal.

Ingredients (Serves 2):

Medium sized yam (½ tuber)

Crayfish (1/4 cup)

Palm oil (100ml)

Scotch bonnet (6)

Onion (1 medium size)

Bouillon cube (1)

Salt to taste


Pumpkin leaves (1/2 cup)


  • Blend the pepper and onion, set aside.
  • Cut the yam into cube like sizes.
  • Now, place the yam in a pot of boiling water, add salt and let it cook for about 20 mins or till it’s soft.
  • Add the pepper, crayfish and bouillon cube.
  • Cover the pot and let the ingredients simmer for 7 mins.
  • The yam should be very soft by now and easy to mash.
  • Mash the yam according to how mushy you want it to be.
  • Add the palm oil, stir and mash a little.
  • Add the Pumpkin leaves then salt to taste.

And our Asaro is ready. Don’t forget to “share” and also subscribe to get notifications on many more mouthwatering recipes. Ciao.


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