I could be quite skeptical when it comes to restaurants. This is as a result of previous experiences. You see, apart from a few that have completely won me over, I think majority are highly overrated. The yummy looking, spicy barbecued chicken which looks promising on the catalogue ends up leaving an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth. The over microwaved Jollof Rice begging to be thrown away and the soggy salad, which makes you reach into your bag for a chewing gum to ward-off the taste, are few instances. To make matters worse, you are being charged an outrageous amount.

With this mindset, it was quite a task for me to choose a good restaurant to host the winner of our just concluded Promo. After careful research and reading several reviews, I decided to go with BukkaHut restaurant. The name of the restaurant has a local feel to it and I anticipated a home away from home experience for our winner and myself.

The first thing that caught my attention on getting there is the building’s unique exterior. The design is a fusion of rural and modern. There’s the orange hut with thatched roof which protrudes from the dull brown concrete building.  There is also a window by the right which has a slanted roof made of sturdy sticks. The sight is pretty welcoming.

  • Asaro, Efo riro, Fried Chicken and Smoothie.
  • Ofada rice, Ayamase stew, Fried plantain and Smoothie
  • Too much enjoyment
  • The smile on Laolu's face though.
  • C'est fini
  • BukkaHut

I had taken my jacket along because some restaurants could be too chilly for me, but upon entering, I found BukkaHut to be quite cozy and neat. The AC had the right temperature, neither harsh nor mild. The interior also has the same orange and brown colour. On one side there is the brown bricklike wall while the other side has the plain orange wall. The dark brown chairs are arranged in fours round a square table. The table has cream coloured raffia mats on it.

Like I earlier said, I wanted to have a feel of the local so I opted for Ofada Rice, Fried Plantain and Ayamase Stew. Laolu, our winner ordered Asaro, Efo Riro and Fried Chicken. We bought smoothies as well. The two meals cost #4,600.

When I took my first spoon of rice, my eyes widened in surprise! The Ayamase was very peppery and being a typical Yoruba lady, I loved it. The stew had the works- kpomo, beef and shaki (tripe) but the shaki wasn’t plenty though. The kpomo and beef were tender and squishy; you would know they had drunk their fill of the stew. I noticed the food was disappearing from my plate fast LOL. I would have preferred if the meats were a bit chewy so the taste could linger in my mouth more. The Ofada was properly done and tasted fresh. Thankfully, I didn’t find sand or stones inside. My only beef with it is the small quantity. As for the plantain, it was well fried and crisp. Laolu also commented that the Efo riro was a bit peppery and he could feel crayfish taste. I decided to try the Asaro and I got a pack for myself to take home.

The smoothie was a blend of banana, watermelon and pineapple but I felt the banana taste was more prominent than the rest. Anyways, it tasted healthy and fresh. It was quite filling too.

That evening, as I ate my Asaro, I realized I was smiling and I didn’t know why. Maybe it was the friday feeling or maybe it had to do with the smooth tasting porridge, I’ll leave it for you to figure out.


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