Someone said, “I would not be impressed with technology until I can download food” and it really cracked me up. I mean when did we come to this? Still, the funny thing is we just might get there in the nearest future.

Gone are the days when cooking used to be a herculean task. Over the years, technology has lovingly extended its reins into the kitchen. Kitchen gadgets have become a time, energy and life saver for many. For instance, I don’t have to worry about cuts on my hands when I use a pineapple corer or a watermelon slicer; I get perfectly sliced eggs or tomatoes in my salad; I could have my freshly squeezed orange juice in a jiffy, and so on.

These gadgets have really spoilt us silly. Every day, you discover more and more of them fun inventions. While some are absolutely genius, others are just downright ridiculous.

Here are some of them:

  1. Whisk/Yolk separator: Awww, isn’t this cute? Two heads are better than one. No?
  2. Vegetable cutter: This one? I bet you won’t even feel like you are doing a kitchen chore.
  3. Cake Cutter: Now, this is how cakes should be served in a party. Want a slice?
  4. Avocado slicer: This looks like magic to me. Phew!
  5. Multi-tier cake pan: This one I guess is for the lazy baker. He he.
  6. Clip on strainer: Say goodbye to your food pouring into the sink.
  7. Onion cutter: Wait, what is going onion here? *scratches head*
  8. Spoon holder: You don’t want to get those cabinets messy do you? Here’s a perfect idea.
  9. Egg holder: Do you prefer this or the conventional egg rack? I think it serves an aesthetic purpose more.
  10. Smiley face pancake pan: You want to serve your friends some of these don’t you?

So which of these gadgets do you like and which do you think went overboard? Let’s know in the comment box.

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