Her gorgeous looking “Fufu bow tie” picture caught my attention, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when it won the #GuardianFoodPhotoOfTheWeek contest by The Guardian, Nigeria.

Seyene Gregory is a Nigerian chef who specializes in pastries, confectionery and Nigerian cuisine. She owns Chef Gregory Nigeria, a premium food company that caters to both events and private dining. She also makes Keto-complaint meals. Isn’t she a chef of many parts? The company is located in Uyo and Lagos.

A glance at her Instagram page tells a hardworking and dedicated woman whose passion for food is highly felt. I asked what inspires her and she simply says “Food”.  Everything about food according to her is an inspiration- the art, the dynamics, the taste and so on.

Recently, she launched her newest product the “Puff Puff mix”. It is a mixture of Puff puff ingredients and you just have to add water, leave to rise and fry. The mix comes in flavours like chocolate, coconut, low fat, fruity and cinnamon, interesting, Innit? She says it an easy snack to make for kids and also ideal for mini parties.

Let’s see some of her works:

Eba and Fufu competing for the crown:

Small chops and cakes looking regal:

We should rice up for these:

And the King of all snacks, the delectable puff puff made from puff puff mix:

I’d certainly give the chocolate flavor a trial.

So, contact Chef Gregory for your next event at:

Chef Gregory’s kitchen, the Roothub, Akees plaza, IBB Way Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

Or call: 08163773375


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