I sometimes spend weekends with my parents in Agbado Sango, away from the hustle and bustle of central Lagos. The neighborhood is quite serene so I go there basically to rest after the busy week. Anyone familiar with this axis would know that the most popular hangout place is Justrite at Abule-Egba. Going further down towards Agbado, you see fast foods like Tantalizers, Mr. Biggs, and the likes, and that’s it.

People in these areas practically have to travel down to the mainland/Island to explore other interesting options. Then late last year, December to be precise, The Palms was opened at Sango Ota. People heaved a sigh of relief as the mountain had finally come to Mohammed at last. They looked forward to cinematic experiences, exotic dining, clubbing, and every other goody-goody their counterparts were enjoying. Alas, several months down the line, all these things seem far-fetched.

I was there last Friday for the third time this year and was kind of stunned that nothing much had changed. The parking lot looked vacant. Something I found weird for a Friday evening. I mean where was all the bubble I see in other malls? You could see people trekking contentedly and carrying the conspicuous yellow Shoprite bags. There are about six shops in total which are; Max (clothing store), Puma (Sport store), Inglot (Make Up), Gene Bendi (Shoe store) and Medplus pharmacy. The sixth one, Essenza was yet to be opened. Even these shops were awfully quiet; I peeped and saw they were quite empty. No window shopper even stood outside them! To me they were no different from the other thirty or so shops yet to be occupied he he he.

I entered the make-up store to price a small powder and the lady who had heavy make-up on told me it was #12,000.

“Wow that’s quite pricey”, I say.

She said something about it being a signature line, bla bla bla. I wasn’t really interested though. I was feeling sore already that not one eatery/restaurant was in sight. The most shocking one is the absence of banks, not even a single ATM in the whole mall. Phew! That’s really bad.

The only place with activity was Shoprite. Even at that, people could still shop in peace without ramming into each other. There were no queues at the pay counters. It was only at the food section and Auntie’s bakery that had queues. This then makes me wonder why restaurants and the likes are yet to come to The Palms Ota. It is obvious people don’t joke with food. The idea is having a go to place to relax after the tiring shopping. Queuing to buy food and then going to eat in the car or at home is totally wrong and against the rule books. Isn’t it ironical that signature stores could be there and no restaurants?

At this point, I’m imploring eateries, restaurants, pizza houses, cafes, etc to look into this matter of err, national importance. Foodies in Sango Ota axis are not getting their rightful share of national cake.

I would rate The Palms, Sango Ota 2 out of 10 because they still have a long way to go.

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