When it comes to food, there is an unwritten rule to consume a balanced diet as much as possible. This is necessary for good health, proper growth and other benefits. However as human beings with our various idiosyncrasies, we tend to flout this rule. Our taste buds have become so daring that we can eat anything anyhow we want it.

I have come across some food combinations that I find weird and will be sharing some here. Again, who knows, maybe these combos might actually come to be “recognized” just like we’ve come to accept the popular Nigerian Rice and Spaghetti mix. This is one food that has stood the test of time.

  1. Beans and fried eggs: My dad has a weakness for eggs.  I mean he eats them almost every day. However it never occurred to me that these two fiendish fart triggers could be combined. The first time he did, I almost puked. Funny though, when I googled and discovered the combo is quite popular in other parts of the world. Indeed, one man’s meat is another man’s poison.
  2. Rice and Yam: Okay, this one I have tried several times. The left over Sunday rice you don’t want to throw away plus the half tuber of yam in your cupboard solves ones dilemma on a Monday morning. Hmmmn, talk about greed!
  3. Rice and Ogbono soup: Some years back, my mum was planning to prepare Egusi soup and rice for dinner. Sadly, she mixed things up and got the wrong ingredient in the soup. Nobody is above mistakes no? That night, we ate Rice and Ogbonno soup with heavy hearts.
  4. Agege Bread and Noodles Burger: if you are a student, you can relate to this. I mean the struggle to survive is real in Nigerian universities. Food in this case is not a matter of luxury but survival. As they used say in my school then “There’s no time even to say no time”. This quick fix burger meal is a life saver especially on days when lectures seem endless. Still, I never want to eat this again. Never!
  5. Rice and Okro Soup: Whch one is this again? I thought the deal was Okro and Swallow? I try to imagine how these two would go down smoothly. All the same it is becoming quite a popular recipe. Okro is more or less a vegetable afterall bit I don’t think I’m trying this anytime soon.
  6. Chin Chin and Garri: Well, I guess there is a law that says “You must drink Garri with anything crunchy”- groundnut, coconut, cashew nut, so why not ChinChin. But have it at the back of your mind that its really flour and Garri you are eating.

And last but not least …………

Wait for it………

  1. Bread and Catarrh: Errr before you crucify me, I’m sure many of us ate this combo with relish as children. I know I did. I mean butter got nothing on this one. The taste is heavenly.

Well, these are some of the bizarre combinations I have discovered, what are yours? Let us know in the comment box.

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