The success of a Nigerian party is when you eat, drink and take away -Anonymous

It is a thing of pride when you have some kind of souvenir to take home from a Nigerian party. You see, the flamboyant dressing, the pleated head gear tied to perfection and the well starched agbada means nothing if you don’t remember your loved ones. You know how those street hawkers cajole you to buy biscuits for the children waiting for your return home? They say something like “Iya kaabo, omo kule” meaning “mummy welcome, child well done”. In the same way when you attend a party, it’s almost a crime to go back empty handed. Even if it’s just a can of soft drink you are able to take, it’s something.

As an avid party goer, I see a lot of stuffs going on. The most common one is people wrapping meat in serviette papers. As in who jokes with meat? You know, there’s a big difference between how you eat in your house and how you do at an event. The best way to do justice to that meat is to take it home.
I would say women are the main culprits even though I once saw a guy sneaking meat into his cap. In the absence of serviette, they use black nylon bags brought specifically for this purpose. If it is a big party where the food is overflowing, the contents of the nylon could include finger foods like small chops, chinchin, cake and even moimoi. Some people would keep ordering for food just so they can remove the meat to take home. Now I understand the struggle some go through to get a souvenir bag where they would keep their loot.

There’s also the drink aspect. The half drunk juice, wine, or soft drink would be poured into plastic bottles. It’s okay to see a mix of Coke, cocktail, beer or even juice in the same bottle. Some people target the “high table” especially, where drinks are left unopened and add them to the loot. This is what they would indulge in for the next few days after the party.
After all these, there’s one last quest where people try their luck -the dance floor. A good dancer would most likely get sprayed. If you can shake your body well, twist your waist and groove to the latest dance moves, you would be noticed. In no time, the money would rain on your head like showers of blessing.
With bags filled with goodies and pockets with crisp currency notes, you would be welcomed home like a King by your loved ones.
Owambes are a blessing.

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