The average Nigerian loves to party. Whether it’s a big or small one, as long as they would eat rice, they are okay. Once I went to a wedding where they ran out of meat but people still ate the rice like that (I would write about this some other time).

I stand to be corrected but I think many people attend weddings because of the entertainment and food or “Item 7” as some call it. You think when people ask the popular “when are we eating rice?” question they are joking? Definitely not! People would rather go to the reception straight and be sure of securing a good seat (preferably close to the caterers) where they would be quickly served.

For those that buy Aso ebi, the aim is to be recognized, to impress, to show that they know the couple, to feel among and entitled to all the goodies going round. In a party, these ones are the most confident. Waiters are at their beck and call and they have the advantage of being served on time. Their tables overflow with small chops, cocktails, different types of dishes, fruit juice, wine, beer, champagne, dessert cake etc. They get the full package in short. These are the ones who go home with plenty souvenirs.

Another category of people are those who follow the Aso ebi buyers to the party. They may or may not buy the Aso ebi and they may or may not know the couple but they ride on the wings of their friends- the Aso ebi flaunters. Since they are at the same table with these people, food would not pass them by and they are sure to go home with one or two souvenirs.

The third category of people are those who invite themselves to the wedding, they were not given IV’s but somehow they found out and just want to be there. These ones have to stretch their neck to get food. If they are lucky, they would get a plate of small chops, a bottle of wine or fruit juice meant for the whole table to share. Waiters don’t bother to ask them what they would eat; they just bring the rice and soft drink to them. Unlike their Aso ebi counterparts who are busy with selfie sticks, their table would be awfully quiet since they hardly know each other. They would press their phone, maybe load a photo or two on Facebook, pretend to be enjoying themselves and having fun, then leave unnoticed. These ones hardly get souvenirs.

To be continued.

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