We all have days when we don’t feel like cooking or eating “real” food. We want to try something new or different like say, snacks. You know that kind of motivation that comes once in a blue moon, the still small voice that whispers to you to be a gourmet chef all of a sudden, LOL. When you get that feeling, then it’s time to get busy, try out some recipes and be creative.

Here are some popular Nigerian snacks that are quite EASY to make.

  1. PUFFPUFF: This I believe is the father of all snacks. Just like MTN, it’s everywhere you go. *You know what I’m saying? *in Frank Odega’s voice*
  2. BUNS: This is puff puff’s cousin. I’ve always known him to be a tough guy unlike soft puff puff.
  3. MEATPIE: Erm, this snack has betrayed us several times because we hardly see meat inside, but we won’t give up still. *make sure you add meat to yours o*
  4. CHINCHIN: This one too is loved by both children and adults. It’s amazing how just one snack can take several shapes- robust, circular, cylindrical, rectangular, triangular, squarular etc *he he*
  5. SAUSAGE ROLL: Hmmn, the rate at which Fast-foods charge for this tiny snack is just dreadful. Why not learn to make it at home?
  6. EGG ROLL: Simply put, boiled egg inside buns. *wink*
  7. SHUKU SHUKU: Wait, what? 😉
  8. PLANTAIN CHIPS: Another very popular one. It’s common to see the sellers inside Lagos traffic shouting “plantay, plantay” LOL.
  9. SCOTCH EGG: I think this is where “egg roll” originated from.
  10. DOUGHNUT: Personally, I donut joke with this snack.

So, there you have it, which of them would you be making anytime soon? Let’s know in the comment box.

Cover Image Source – Facebook

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