So we are foodies quite all right. We love to explore, savour and try out choice dishes in different restaurants or fast foods across the city. We are ready to splurge a little extra just to get the total package a restaurant has to offer. A true foodie knows that he is not just paying for the food. I mean, one could have as well gone to the nearest street food vendor or something if it were just about the food. I believe we don’t need rocket science to tell us that the well marinated chicken, twerking in the grill at a cozy Air Conditioned restaurant, would cost more than its friend sweating inside the show glass, in the hot sun.

After spending good money taking myself on a treat, I always like to take a stock of my experience and consider if the trip was really worth it. This has always helped me to decide if I want to revisit the place or not.

I thought to compile these tips that you might look out for in a fast-food/restaurant.

  • The restroom: Hygiene is something that should never be toyed with especially when we are talking about food. Dirty restrooms could be a dead giveaway. It could turn people off and make them loose their appetite. Little details like toilet paper, air freshener, soap, hand dryer and most important WATER are telltale signs of neatness being prioritized. It shouldn’t be a public toilet. Isn’t it nice when you can take your time in the restroom and well, selfies too? LOL. For me, a clean restroom puts my mind at ease and I enjoy the food better.
  • Food presentation: Creativity in food presentation suggests passion and a willingness to please a customer. If it is carelessly presented, it’s easier to forget and loose interest. Like I said earlier, it’s all about reliving your experience. If I’m wowed by how attractive the food is, I would love to capture it. You know that feeling of eating your cake and still having it right? Quality and beautiful cutleries are also a turn on. If you are served in a plate that is slightly cracked or chipped, you shouldn’t step foot in that place again, except you don’t mind swallowing a piece of glass. He he.
  • Mood: This is another crucial aspect to look out for. Is the Air Conditioning too mild or harsh? Is the music soft enough or deafening? People tend to have conversations in a restaurant and it’s really not nice straining your voice to be heard over loud music.
  • Colours: Many fast food/restaurants are guilty of this. Warm colours like red, orange, yellow and light green stirs hunger. Restaurants are no doubt aware of this and they sometimes go overboard with it. Red chairs, orange tables, yellow tiles? Come on, are we in a circus? Err, as much as we like to eat, I don’t think you should make us spend all our paycheck on food. Go easy on the colours.
  • Good Lighting: So, I’m paying good money and I can’t take nice pictures and selfies because of bad lighting? No freaking way, that’s wrong! A good restaurant should have good indoor lighting.
  • Tables are cleared on time: I don’t want to have the impression that thousands of people have used the plates before me. Dirty plates should not be seen. It’s bad when a new customer comes in to see the mess. It could affect appetite as well.
  • Upkeep: Does the place look rundown or well maintained? Is there a leaky ceiling somewhere or a loose fluorescent waiting to fall on one’s head? Cracked tiles? Wobbly furniture? Peeling paint? Cobwebs? Stained glass? Overgrown weeds? All these are signs of neglect and carelessness.
  • A wash hand basin: Whether one is using the hands or cutlery to eat, there should be a wash hand basin right there in the restaurant. One shouldn’t have to go all the way to the restroom to wash hands.
  • The waiters: Do they have their hair covered? Because I don’t care to see hair in my food. Are they friendly, customer-centric, neat, smart and courteous? Do they have adequate knowledge of the menu? I mean, I won’t like to order for Fried rice and I’m brought French fries.
  • The food: Last but not least. The food should be worth every penny spent on it. Does it taste fresh or over microwaved? Are there mouthwatering options or varieties? Any specials? Is the food warm enough? Are the drinks cool enough?

So these are some of what you should look out for next time you want to eat out. If you know more of these tips, kindly share in the comment box.

Cover Image Source – pixabay

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