Phew! What a long holiday it was. It sure feels great to be back to work. I never thought I could say that though, he he! Anyways, I’m sure we all enjoyed the Sallah break? As for me, I really outdid myself I must confess. Food literally rained cats and dogs in my house courtesy of kind neighbours. The one that impressed me most was when I went to visit my friend Falilat on Sunday after church. She served me ram pepper soup. Ah! My friends, surely there’s God in heaven. Each spoonful of that deliciousness made me appreciate Falilat the more.

But my friends, right now, I’m not really happy. You see, this morning, my jean zipper protested as I tried to snap it shut. My love handle refused to tuck in well. As with every event involving food, I’m always rewarded with these err, what do I even call it, err, stories that touch. Why can’t one eat without having to worry about gaining weight? Why must it always rear its ugly head? Why can’t I be like my cousin Angela who can eat a horse and remain reed slim?  I’m sitting here feeling sorry for my chubby self *sad*.

Anyways, no point whining over and over, I’ve decided that I’m going to get rid of the excess weight at all costs. For the rest of the week, I’d be doing a detox diet. I don’t think I’ve done one this year so the timing is perfect.

Detoxing simply means cleansing and nourishing the body from inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins and feeding your body with healthy nutrients, your organs function better. You naturally lose weight by detoxing because it helps boosts metabolism and also improves your mood. I think it’s essential for foodies like us who tend to sometimes overindulge to do a detox once in a while. You don’t need laxatives; just simple, infused, natural fruits and veggie or smoothies would do.

These are some detox diet ideas we could try:






So there you have it, I believe we can slay this monster called “fat”. The devil is a liar.

Cover Image Source – pixabay

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